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If purchasing “copy” drawers ask the supplier…

  1. Have they been crash tested and made compliant to ADR42/03?
  2. Have they been crash tested for Child Restraint Points and made compliant to ADR3/02 & 34/01?
  3. Have they been tested for Cargo Barrier Fitment and made compliant to AS/NZS/4034.2:2001?
  4. Will it affect my insurance if I install something in my vehicle that is not compliant?
  5. Do they have steel washers under heads of bolts holding the timber floor to the steel frame preventing heads of bolts pulling through the timber should an accident happen and goods inside become projectiles?
  6. Is the carpet covering the drawers UV stabilized to protect against fading and prevent break up of carpet fibres?
  7. Do the drawers have an Anti-Roll Back System? Key lockable Grab Handle Slam Latches?
  8. Stainless Steel Runners? Anti-Rattle Side Guides?
  9. Does the Roller Floor/Fridge Slide have an Anti-Roll Back System? Easy use Slam Latch? Stainless Steel Runners? Anti-Rattle Side Guides? Is it Lockable? Can I swap it from right to left?

“4WD Interiors" Drawers are the original! We crash tested our Drawers, Child Restraint Points, Half Cargo Barrier and Rear Rack & Divider for your protection way back in 2004-2005.

Fitment to Drawer Systems other than 4WD Interiors and ARB Outback Solutions will void Australian Design Rule safety ratings, not be compliant to AS/NSZ4034.2:2002 and could cause possible injury or death.

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